Japanese Kobido Face Lift + Buccal Massage

Non-surgical Japanese Kobido Face Lift combined with Buccal massage techniques.

During a four-day course, you will learn a traditional Japanese Kobido facelift.

This course will take your manual skills to a completely different level. Additionally, on the last day of the course, you will acquire the skills of buccal massage, which will enhance the effects of your work.

4 days

of the course

New York

10/17/2023 – 10/20/2023


 10/21/2023 – 10/24/2023

20 course

participants in a group


Why the Kobido massage technique and buccal massage ?

The Kobido Japanese Face Lift technique is the “Ancient Way to Beauty”. It is a ritual subject to strict rules, which, through appropriate mechanical action on the skin and deeper layers, restores tissue physiology. Thanks to this, we obtain spectacular effects of facial rejuvenation.

The entire massage session consists of a 90-minute therapy combining myofascial release techniques, deep relaxation, lymphatic drainage, lifting techniques and acupressure.

The final effect will be complemented by the Buccal massage technique, which, by working inside the mouth, will stimulate the tissues at a deeper level.

Why is it worth introducing the Kobido + Buccal massage to your offer?

– You will introduce a prestigious service, which is an almost cost-free procedure, thanks to which your financial result will move to a completely different level.

-By working with methods of natural facial rejuvenation, you are part of the trend of returning to natural methods, thanks to which you will gain a group of new customers.

– By introducing the Kobido + Buccal massage service, you gain customers for the service in a series of meetings (min. 12 massages), which will also contribute to increasing your company’s turnover.

– And apart from the financial benefits, you will gain a group of customers who, through the Kobido + Buccal massage, will restore their health and vitality.

What you will learn in the course :


  • you will learn the history and philosophies of Japanese massage
  • you will learn what aging of our skin results from and how to counteract these processes
  • you will learn to select massage techniques on your own by assessing tensions
  • you will understand the need for multi-layer work and for what purpose you interact with the tissues
  • you will learn to recognize the cause of wrinkles in different areas of the face and how to effectively affect them

Practice of Japanese Kobido Lifting

  • You will learn 5 steps of Kobido Massage
  • You will learn massage technique, which is excellent alternative for beauty treatments
  • You will get to know 90 minute massage which combines traditional massage with advanced physiotherapeutic approach
  • By lifting technique you can reduce wrinkles in neck area, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, drooping eyelids and wrinkles on forehead.

Practice of buccal massage

  • You will learn mechanism of intraoral massage, you can use this technique as automassage or you can practise this technique on the client
  • By buccal massage techniques in an effective way you will improve effects of your work
  • We will teach how to work with jaw area, masseter, risorius, levator labii superioris, muscles around our mouths, suprahyoid muscles
  • Every form of massage which you do every day you can intensify with buccal massage


About Tomasz Tomasik

The course is run by Tomasz Tomasik who is a founder of prestigious massage academy spa in Poland, he is a graduate of Medical University in Łódź, faculty of physiotherapy.

In his 10 year practice he has run a lot of massage courses in Poland and the World.

He is a speaker of many Spa&Wellness Conferences and the guest of Tv Programs where he promotes natural methods of facial rejuvenation.

In 2017 he successfully introduced on Polish market Kobido Massage. Till now with his team he has run more than 300 courses with 6000 therapists.

Thanks to his practical experience he shares the knowledge not only about Japanese Massage Techniques but also about advanced Zoga Face Integration, Esthetic Osteopathy and Beauty Taping


The number of vacancies is limited to small groups to be able to work efficiently.

New York

10/17/2023 – 10/20/2023


Book your place on the course by paying 10% advance payment now and pay the remaining amount on the training day.


 10/21/2023 – 10/24/2023


Book your place on the course by paying 10% advance payment now and pay the remaining amount on the training day.

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